EngageApps Support Terms

EngageApps provides telephone support, online documentation, email and a web-based portal for submitting cases and tracking case status. Support cases are handled based on case priority levels as described below. When submitting a case, Clients will select the priority for initial response by logging the case online, in accordance with the priority guidelines set forth below. When the case is received, EngageApps Client Support may change the priority if the issue does not conform to the criteria for the selected priority and will provide Client with notice (electronic or otherwise) of such change. EngageApps will respond to EngageApps support requests in accordance with the guidelines set forth below.

Case Priority Levels

Case priorities are assigned based on the technical importance of the problem.

Priority Description Response time
Level 1 EngageApps Cloud Service is completely inaccessible. 2 hours
Level 2 One or more key features of EngageApps Cloud Service are unusable. Next business day
Level 3 Any other case where an EngageApps Cloud Service is not operating as documented or when the EngageApps Cloud Services are being used within the purchased aggregate volumes and storage periods, and there is a material degradation in the performance of the EngageApps Cloud Services. Two business days
Level 4 All enhancement requests. Two business days

Authorized Support Contacts

Support will be provided solely to the individual(s) authorized by the Client to receive such support from EngageApps ("Contacts"). EngageApps strongly recommends that Contact(s) be fully trained on EngageApps. The Customer will be asked to designate Contacts, including email address and EngageApps.com login ID, within the EngageApps support and billing system. Given the financial nature of EngageApps it might become necessary to further identify a Contact as authorized by requesting further identifying details or via the use of a support PIN.

Support Hours

Support is provided via telephone, email and web portal. Support will be delivered by a member of EngageApps's technical support team during the regional hours of operation listed below.

Priority Hours
Level 1 24/7
Level 2 Monday – Friday, 8AM-5PM EST (excluding holidays)
Level 3 Monday – Friday, 8AM-5PM EST (excluding holidays)
Level 4 Monday – Friday, 8AM-5PM EST (excluding holidays)

Customer's Obligation to Assist

Should a Customer report a purported defect in the EngageApps Service, EngageApps may require Customer's reasonable cooperation. The Customer's failure to provide the requested cooperation may prevent EngageApps from identifying and fixing that purported defect.